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Your cars, your vans and trucks, your service vehicles and goods in transit as well as persons can be protected with our system. We connect you to your things to enable monitoring and control over the internet”





What We Do

We supply solutions to connect a wide range of telemetry devices over the internet

Who We Are

We are a company with over 30 years of experience in the field of telecommunication, data transmission, M2M and IoT

Our Clients Are

Companies and organisations who require to monitor and control their assets and process’s via the internet


What Do We Offer

Customized value added services and products with consultancy and support


We develop SOLUTIONS & PRODUCTS in these areas

Which we CUSTOMIZE to match your requirements

Providing SUPPORT as required,





ECOTrac-Fleet Management & Much More

The solution “Plug-and Drive” is the lowest cost means to reduce transport costs and enable best utilisation of the vehicle fleet and not only

To not lose control of your operation you know always precisely where your vehicles and workers are. You can control fuel usage , driving behaviour and workers time sheets

With ECOTrac you can see:

  • In real time where all your vehicles are
  • Distance driven for each trip
  • Time taken and stops made
  • Driving behaviour and speeding violations
  • Theft and unauthorised use outside of area

Useful Links

ECOTrac Basic Service
This solution uses a simple small plug-in device which with no external wiring will register the route of the vehicle and record all trips with total mileage and time taken. This device is supplied complete with communications plan and preconfigured to provide a truly “Plug-and Drive” solution for the client. No installation costs are involved as the device is simply plugged into the OBDII port of the vehicle. This OBDII port is legal requirement of all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles registered after 2002. The device will register all trips including instances of speeding and erratic driver behaviour such as harsh braking, excessive acceleration and sharp cornering. Reportsand notifications are available by email or access to on line portal.
ECOTrac Basic service +Telemetry
This solution is based on a combination of the ECOTrac “Plug and Drive” technology providing basic tracking and also telemetry from the vehicle including the identification of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), RPM of the motor, temperature of coolant and oil etc  as well as such parameters as MAF which can be  used to monitor the efficiency of the power train. Optional is connectivity by wireless to disable ignition or starter motor , provide driver identification, connection to Webcam , Smartphone and measure temperature and door status of compartments. A connection FMI to Garmin SatNav is also availaible.
ECOTrac Enhanced Service of Plug & Drive Localization and Telemetry (OBDII/J1939)
Designed to provide a full service across a wide range of vehicles including passenger cars. light commercial vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, public transport and construction equipment’s this solution has a switchable OBDII/J1939 interface and in the case of heavy goods vehicles has the ability to monitor many parameters of the powertrain via the J1939 interface. Over 40 parameters can be measured to enable monitoring of such things as fuel level, accelerometer, clutch and brake pedal operation as well as MAF, MAT and MAP to enable fuel conservation and vehicle efficiency to be controlled.
ECOTrac Advanced Service of Localization with Telemetry (CANBus)

This solution has been assembled by IoT Solution to be a complete monitoring and control service for heavy goods vehicles. public transport, municipal service vehicles and agricultural equipment.

It covers also the requirements of service vehicles in transport of hazardous materials, high value goods and car transporters. Connected directly to the CAN-Bus of the vehicle and providing multi digital and analogue measuring possibilities, this solution can be customized to monitor fuel sensors, RFID passenger counting systems and  in cab cameras etc.

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