IOT Solution Srl launches QUIC TRAC a truly “Plug and Drive” Solution for Vehicle Management

Comprising of a simple device to plug into the vehicle OBDII port and a downloadable application this solution is ideal for any company wishing to control location and use on their vehicles.
The plug-in unit comes with active communications and is ready to use. The downloadable application is available for both Android and IOS based smartphones and tablets.
The applications provide

  • Position of all vehicles on a map
  • List of vehicles with status, location, travel time & park time
  • Trips made with start and end locations time and kilometres
  • Trip and route tracing
  • Application of zone control (exit/entry)
  • Overage vehicle usage panorama

Optional secure web access can provide

  • Weekly/Monthly reporting by email
  • Eco driving parameters
  • Speeding alerts
  • Driver behaviour score cards
  • SMS alertsOn screen alerts
  • Regular delivery monitoring
  • Prescribed route monitoring & alerts
  • Integration with CRM and legacy systems

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