AS3 Vehicle/Trailer Tracker

Designed for both vehicle or trailer tracking this unit has a rechargeable battery of 2000mAh and is fitted with multiple inputs and outputs making it ideal for monitoring parked trailers etc. Analogue input provides support for fuel sensors or temperature measurement and 1 wire protocol support provides user id facility. 32 user defined geofences with movement detection provide security for parked trailers with monitoring of auxiliary power plants etc.

The unit is IP67 rated and protected against temperature, dust and water spray. Optional magnetic fixing kit is available.


  • Internal GPS and LPWA  antennae
  • No external wiring or antennae
  • 8800 mAh battery for long life
  • Data communication by  LoRa*/SIGFOX network
  • Optional GPS+Glonass engine
  • Built in 3 axis G-sensor for motion detection
  • OTA firmware upgrade using FTP
  • Configurable Real Time Tracking and Logging
  • 5 user defined geofences
  • Buffered event messages of 20,000 positions
  • Optional magnetic fixing kit

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1-Wire iButton Tag

Key fob tag provides unique driver identification and authorisation via the dashboard mounted reader

1-Wire® iButton Reader

Mounted on dashboard providing reading of the I Button Tag for driver identification and authorisation purposes. Directlywired to tracking device

1-Wire Temp Sensor

Used to report temperature in cargo compartments. Up to 3 can be used with each tracking/telemetry device

RFID Reader

Used for identify driver or cargo this RFID Reader conforms to Mifare/Desfire/ISO specifications and can be used with PVC ID Cards as well as  permanently fixed Asset Tags. PVC ID Cards can be supplied on request.

RFID tag

Utilized to provide a small low cost RFID keyfob driver Id device this device is allocated to drivers and uses the NFC capability to identifiy and authorize vehicle use.

RFID 13.56MHz Mifare/Desfire

13.56MHz Mifare/Desfire RFID Reader (w/ 4pin connector, 90cm)


Standard PVC printed cards wih individual drivers names and details. Can be custom designed and supllied in minimum quantities of 100

Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanner used for courier proof of delivery systems directly plugs into tracking telemetry device

Self-drive Buzzer

Provides audible signal to driver when speed is exceeded, or harsh braking, excessive acceleration or aggressive swerving events occur. Normally helps reduce fuel consumption. e-drive-buzzer_220x110


12V / 24V Relay

Provides starter disable or fuel cut off for vehicle security purposes. Directly wired to digital output of tracking device.

SOS Button

Connected to the digital input of the tracking device this provides an unlocked mode suitable for  indicating an alarm event.

Privacy ON/OFF Button Cable (locking) (mechanical type)

Wired directly to a digital input on the tracking device and used for indication of private or business vehicle use or to disable tracking.

Magnet Kit

Utilized to fix tracking devices magnetically for temporary or covert purposes. Ideal for asset trackers with long autonomy

Solar Panel

Providing extra  autonomy for Asset Tracker AS3 when used in unattended security situations. Sufficient to maintain 1 report every 5 minutes.

AS3 Power I/O Cable



Power Dust Cap for AS3

To protect power socket on AS3 asset tracking device against dust and spray