AX7 OBDII Plug-In Tracker & Telemetry with Wireless Relay or Bluetooth Options

The AX7 OBDII Plug-In tracking and telemetry device from ATrack enables the device to be used on passenger and light commercial vehicles. Available with back up battery for Device Removal Alert, Wireless Relay connectivity for Vehicle Immobilization. The optional Bluetooth module can be used for connection to smartphone applications such as Driver Score Cards etc. An internal accelerometer provides Driver Behavior parameters for Eco Driving. OBDII engine parameters are transmitted along with location and driver behavior data. Please ask for current list of vehicles supported with parameters available


  • Small and easy plug and play installation
  • Wireless relay connection option
  • Ultra low current consumption in deep sleep mode
  • Data communication by SMS/TCP/UDP
  • High GPS sensitivity
  • Built in 3 axis G-sensor
  • FOTA firmware upgrade using FTP
  • Configurable Real Time Tracking and Logging
  • 32 user defined geofences
  • Roaming preference settings
  • Crash Data
  • Harsh driving behavior events
  • Configurable power management
  • OBDII data collection
  • Fuel economy calculation
  • User defined OBDII event transmission
  • OBDII Diagnostic trouble code reporting
  • Intelligent event control engine
  • Buffer capacity of 8MB

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RFID tag

Utilized to provide a small low cost RFID keyfob driver Id device this device is allocated to drivers and uses the NFC capability to identifiy and authorize vehicle use.

RFID Reader

Used for identify driver or cargo this RFID Reader conforms to Mifare/Desfire/ISO specifications and can be used with PVC ID Cards as well as  permanently fixed Asset Tags. PVC ID Cards can be supplied on request.


Standard PVC printed cards wih individual drivers names and details. Can be custom designed and supllied in minimum quantities of 100

RFID 13.56MHz Mifare/Desfire

13.56MHz Mifare/Desfire RFID Reader (w/ 4pin connector, 90cm)

Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanner used for courier proof of delivery systems directly plugs into tracking telemetry device

Privacy ON/OFF Button Cable (locking) (mechanical type)

Wired directly to a digital input on the tracking device and used for indication of private or business vehicle use or to disable tracking.

OBDII extension cable

Used to install ODBII plug in devices where space limitations prevent direct plug into OBDII socket or for covert installations. Provides free access for diagnostics

OBDII Pass through Cable

Provides flexibility in installation of OBDII plug-in units permitting under dashboard mounting or unit fixing to away from OBDII socket.


Cable to connect OBDII Plug in devices (AX7) to an RS232 serial port device. (Does not support CMOS camera).


Cable to connect OBDII Plug in devices (AX7) to an RS232 serial port device plus a digital input. (Does not support CMOS camera).


Cable to connect OBDII Plug in devices (AX7) to a digital  input for SOS or Private Business management.

Wireless relay

Providing cut-off of starter of disabling/enabling vehicle this relay operates on 12 and 24 volts 3 wire connection leads. Frequency 433 ISM band

Wireless Module

Utilized for plug in unit AX7 this wireless module permits communication with wireless relay to permit enabling/disabling of starter or fuel supply. Frequency 433 ISM band