MT20 Anti-Theft & Tracking Device with Wireless Relay & Remote Control

For protection of vehicles, motorcycles and e-bikes this device is designed to provide automatic disabling of the ignition or fuel supply in the event of tampering or movement. The wireless relay must be in wireless contact with the MT20 or latched with the remote control to ensure continued power to the fuel or ignition relay (optional). The remote control resets the wireless relay after it has lost contact with the MT20. With a wide voltage range, low cost and low power requirements this device is ideal for motorcycles, scooters and electric bicycles.


  • Automatic disable
  • Real time tracking
  • AC detection
  • Abnormal alert
  • OTA updates
  • High sensitive internal antennae
  • Movement detection
  • Virtual security fence
  • Back up battery
  • 9-80V voltage range
  • Small size 90x45x15mm
  • Light weight 56 grams
  • Downloadable smartphone application

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