MT300 Student ID Badge with Tracking & SOS

Designed to provide safety for children and ensure their whereabouts are known to parents and guardians this neck worn device is provided with a variety of features to make journey to a from school secure. Fitted with a voice emergency call facility the MT300S can call up to 3 telephone numbers and features a 1 button calling for SOS. Optional RFID transmitter/receiver can be used in school or class entrances to automatically log student attendance.


  • Small lightweight neck worn with lanyard
  • Photo ID frame
  • 3 Preset telephone numbers
  • Voice communication
  • Modes working/flight/class
  • Working current <50mA
  • Sleep current <5mA
  • Battery 700mAh
  • Virtual security fence
  • Small size 53.95x89.95x7.45mm
  • Light weight 43 grams
  • Optional RFID class attendance feature
  • Downloadable smartphone application

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