did you turn the lights and gas off ?

Everyone is concerned in protecting their home against intrusion and reducing energy costs as much as possible. The smart home can also be protected against gas and water leaks as well ensuring all electric appliances are turned off when not in use.

Heating and airconditioning can be regulated and monitored remotely. IoT Solution has several systems to protect you house and its contents whilst reducing your energy bills


We provide systems for home security using the internet from leading manufacturers in Europe. These systems enable monitoring intrusion, water and gas leaks as well as electricity supply failures etc. House temperature can be controlled as well as fuel levels. System can be connected to cameras for viewing on down loadable applications for Android and IoS smartphones


  • Wireless Self Install
  • Electricity Failure Alarm
  • Water Leakage or Overflow Alarm
  • Gas Detection
  • Door and Window Intrusion Alarm
  • Fumes and Fire Alarm
  • Temperature Control
  • Camera
  • Web-based or Mobile Application