can we really reduce our transport costs?

The investment in heavy goods vehicles can be extremely high and warrants implementation of tracking and telemetry management systems to control hours and mileage of use, fuel costs, driver authorisation and behaviour. IoT Solution provides systems to manage vehicles, control maintenance and protect against theft or misuse


IoT Solution fleet management systems for heavy goods vehicles range from simple tracking to comprehensive solutions where complete power train and tachograph information is monitored and recorded. At its simplest a J1939 plug in unit can be provided together with a service giving location, trip details and basic time and fuel calculations. For more complete monitoring we can provide full FMS and CAN  parameters including driver identification and driver behaviour. Up to 27 report formats give the transport or fleet manager complete control over the fleet. Optional trailer systems to locate and monitor unhooked trailers are also available. For monitoring of refrigerated cargo we can provide interfaces to major refrigeration companies control systems.


  • Location of vehicles
  • Tracking Routes
  • Trips Time and Mileage
  • Regular Stops ETA
  • Working Areas
  • Anti Theft Relay
  • Driver Identification
  • Driver Behaviour/Driving Style
  • Speeding Alerts
  • Fuel Consumption Vehicle/Driver
  • Power Train Diagnostics
  • Tachograph Reporting
  • Maintenance Scheduler
  • Temperature Control
  • Auxiliary Power Monitor
  • Trailer Connect/Disconnect
  • Driver In Cab Awareness
  • Overall Fleet Dashboard
  • 27 Report Types
  • Web Based and Mobile App Monitoring